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Please note that although Dr. Rao has provided links to other sites, she cannot take responsibility for the content that is published on those sites. Thus, Dr. Rao does not necessarily endorse or take responsibility for the sites' contents, claims, or representations. While an effort has been made to review these sites and their contents, any site can change its contents at any time. Therefore, since anyone can claim to be an expert and post his or her views on a website, Dr. Rao encourages anyone researching the web for mental health related information to be careful.

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Links and Resources

  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry The AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) is the leading national professional medical association dedicated to treating and improving the quality of life for children, adolescents, and families affected by these disorders.
  • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law. Membership includes physicians, criminalists, toxicologists, attorneys, dentists, physical anthropologists, document examiners, engineering scientists, psychiatrists, educators, and others who practice and perform research in the many diverse fields relating to forensic science.
  • The American Academy of Psychiatry and Law The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law is an organization of psychiatrists dedicated to excellence in practice, teaching, and research in forensic psychiatry. Founded in 1969, AAPL currently has more than 1,500 members in North America and around the world.
  • The American Association of Community Psychiatrists Advocates for quality care in community settings - includes an online newsletter and a virtual community.
  • The American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training To better meet the nation's mental healthcare needs, the mission of the AADPRT is to promote excellence in the education and training of future psychiatrists.
  • The American Association of Psychiatric Administrators The American Association of Psychiatric Administrators (AAPA), established in 1961, is the premiere educational, networking, and support resource for psychiatrists interested in administration and management. The AAPA promotes medical leadership and medical excellence in behavioral healthcare systems, including services for mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities.
  • The American Psychiatric Publishing Group, Inc. American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI), is the leading publisher of books, journals, and other media related to psychiatry and mental health. APPI publishes professional books, books for the general public, journals, CD-ROM multimedia products, electronic products, and audiotapes and videotapes.
  • The American Psychiatric Association The American Psychiatric Association - the world's largest psychiatric association - represents over 38,000 psychiatric physicians from the U.S. and around the globe.
  • The American Psychological Association Based in Washington, DC, the American Psychological Association (APA) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States. With more than 155,000 members, APA is the largest association of psychologists worldwide.
  • The Analytic Press Analytic Press publishes ASAP's annual book, as well as many other useful and relevant works in the field of adolescent psychiatry.
  • Audio Digest Audio-Digest, the Gold Standard of Audio CME & CE, has provided physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout the world with Category 1 continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education (CE) on audio tapes for over four decades.
  • The Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health A National parent-run organization focused on the needs of children and youth with emotional, behavioral or mental disorders and their families.
  • Frontline: Inside the Teenage Brain Its the mystery of mysteriesespecially to parents. Now experts are exploring the recesses of the brain and finding new explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do. FRONTLINE explores how the new discoveries can change the way we parent, teach, or perhaps even understand, our teenagers.
  • International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology The International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ISAPP) is an organization composed of mental health professionals -psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers- working with troubled adolescents in various parts of the world. The organisation was established in 1984 as an international professional society to fill a void in the mental health arena. It remains the only psychiatric body to be devoted exclusively to the mental health of adolescents at the international level.Modeled on an American precursor, the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, it seeks to provide a forum for intellectual exchange among professionals concerned with troubled adolescents.
  • National Association of Social Workers The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with more than 150,000 members. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.
  • The National Mental Health Association The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) is the country's oldest and largest nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness. With more than 340 affiliates nationwide, NMHA works to improve the mental health of all Americans, especially the 54 million individuals with mental disorders, through advocacy, education, research and service.
  • National Strategy for Suicide Prevention The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention is a collaborative effort of SAMHSA, CDC, NIH, and HRSA. This site is a very comprehensive collection of suicide facts, prevention information, resources, and government reports.
  • Society for Adolescent Medicine A multidisciplinary organization of professionals committed to improving the physical and psychosocial health and well-being of all adolescents.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA is the Federal agency charged with improving the quality and availability of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitative services in order to reduce illness, death, disability, and cost to society resulting from substance abuse and mental illnesses.
  • Youth Law Center The Youth Law Center is a non-profit, public interest law office that has worked to protect abused and at-risk children since 1978. With offices in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., the Center works nationally to serve children, focusing particularly upon the problems of children living apart from their families in child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The goal of the Youth Law Center's work is to ensure that vulnerable children are provided with the conditions and services they need to grow into healthy, productive adults.
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