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  • 2021 Community Impact Award
  • 2021 Top Adult and Child Psychiatrist voted by Patient Reviews
  • American Psychiatric Association Fellowship Award Recipient
  • Since 2015 Recipient of The President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • Voted America's Top Psychiatrist 2006
  • Early intervention can make a difference
  • Conservative approach with Medication
  • Collaborates with Therapists
  • The future depends on what you do in the present


Concerned about your child? Should you be?

As a mother, Dr. Rao brings an additional perspective to pediatric disorders as well as a down to earth understanding of child and family issues.

Sometimes it's hard to tell. Is it just a normal part of growing up, or a red flag warning of more serious problems?

Things to look for may include:

  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Change in self image or confidence
  • Anxiety about school
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Symptoms of drug abuse
  • Increased anger
  • Weight change
  • Slipping grades
  • Hostility
  • The wrong friends, or no friends

Is it just a phase?

Maybe. But you're an expert on your child: If his or her behavior has you worried, the earlier a problem is identified, the more effectively it can be addressed. Waiting until things are out of control is like waiting for your child to run into the street before telling him or her to come back into the yard.

Evaluation can bring peace of mind.

An evaluation by a trained psychiatrist can help both you and your child understand what you're dealing with, such as normal growth and development or a disorder. Some parents even make psychiatric evaluations part of their child's annual medial examination. After all, the mind and emotions are as much a part of well being as arms, noses, and hearts.

Shine a light on it: knowledge is the key.

If you're worried enough to read this, now may be the right time to call for an evaluation of your child's mental and emotional well being.

At your evaluation appointment, she'll meet and interview one or both parents and the child. This interview will be followed by a discussion with the parent(s) about treatment options, if needed.

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